Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ultimate Antioxidant From Goldshield

Ultimate Antioxidant From Goldshield
Ultimate Antioxidant 

A food-based supplement that produces the
ultimate defense against cellular oxidation,
Ultimate Antioxidant offers an enormous amount
of vitamins and minerals to help fight free radical
damage and protect overall health and well being.


Vitamin C: Helps accelerate healing, reinforce
defense systems, and detoxify the body.
Vitamin A: Helps fight infection, protect against
radiation, and supports bone formation, cell
membranes, and vision.
Vitamin D: Helps balance vitamin and mineral
absorption and supports healthy bones.
Biotin: Helps metabolize carbohydrates, fats and
proteins. Supports utilization of other B vitamins
and maintains healthy skin and hair.
CoQ10: Supports the cardiovascular system and
helps build better immune function.
Omega-III Fatty Acids: Nourish and protect the
cardiovascular system.

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